Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photo As Promised and Nora's 9 Mile Trip

DeBary, FL.

deg. 49 deg. clear, NW wind @ 6 mph.
Forecast = Sunny. High 71F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. 0% chance of rain.

As promised, here's a photo of our Christmas Tree in the house. It, along with some other decorations placed around the house, make our home very festive. :-)

Not a real lot happening since I last posted, Linda went to get that blood test, but the place was packed and there wasn't even a place to sit while. as the receptionist said, it would be at least an hour and a half!!! :-O   Needless to say, Linda didn't stay, so I guess she'll have to back another day. :-(

Sunday, Jim went to Winn Dixie and bought a bunch of groceries. The list was so long that he convinced Linda that it would be better if she went along sometime when they didn't have so much to purchase. It's probably a good thing that she didn't go, it took Jim about an hour.

Yesterday, Jim and Linda moved the Nora out of the Highbanks Marina and CG. Jim just wasn't happy with the site that they put us in and I can't say I blame him. This first photo shows Nora parked in the site which is basically, the front yard of the laundry and bath house!!!

Also the site was not level at all. Those cement blocks had to be put under the front stabilizer jacks. Plus the front hitch was right on the edge of the road, which left no place to park Big RED, much less anyone's car if they came to visit.
It really kind of upset Jim when they put us in this site. We've been coming here for over 6 years and the excuse that the manager gave him when we got there a month ago, was that they had a lot of new people coming in this year and they needed the larger sites for them!!!

I guess it doesn't mean anything that we had been customers for the last half dozen years!!! I really doubt if Jim will ever go back to Highbanks again.

It was about 10:30 when we pulled out of Highbanks and 9 miles and 20 minutes later we were pulling into the Paradise Lakes RV Park in Deltona, FL.

This is a family run park and the Grand daughter of the person who built the park is the manager. The site we're in is about 25' wide and there is room to park Big RED either in front of Nora or even along side of her. That also means that there is room to park another vehicle in case we get company sometime when were're there. There's no deck or patio, but there is grass and they don't seem to mind if you put out a mat.

The site goes over to the little post in the front, so there's room to park on this side too.
The site is level and out of Nora's back window, you can see a lake which is across the road from the row of campers behind us.

I'll post some more photos and hopefully some better ones in the near future. ;-)

I really think we're going to like it at Paradise Lakes. It's much different than Highbanks, (More rustic), but nice. Oh, and I almost forgot!! It took Jim quite a while to get Nora set up. All the neighbors in the area came over, introduced themselves and welcomed us to the park.

Very friendly folks!!!!

Anna stopped by last night. She had a couple days off of work up in Jacksonville,so she came down to see her mom and dad, (Laura and Lindsey). She was on her way back home when she stopped here  to visit for about an hour. :-)

Today, Linda has an appointment with Doctor Saferali, the Chemo doctor. I really don't know what for, but she probably wants to know if Linda is still having the side effects of the treatments. The appointment isn't until 11:00, so Linda won't have to get up too early. ;-)

Did you know that Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska?



  1. I would send a note to highbanks and tell them your feelings.. Just so the manager understands about customer loyalty.... Perhaps he doesn't know....

  2. Loyalty should mean something. Our last year at Texas 281 was our last also. The site they gave us was wedged in between two others, been going there 12 years, didn't matter. At Prairie Pines loyalty is everything! Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!