Tuesday, September 2, 2014

They're All Gone, Yet Another Dinner With Mike And Terri and Going For Tests

Rantoul, IL.

69 deg. cloudy, SW wind @ 5 mph.
Forecast = Isolated thunderstorms this morning. Skies will become partly cloudy this afternoon. High 84F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

They're all gone!!!! Yep, yesterday, the CG just about emptied out!!!! Early yesterday morning, some of the RVers started packing up and by mid-afternoon, they had all left. From now on, this park will be mostly empty and the only campers here will be a few like us who are staying for longer periods of time or the occasional travelers who stops by, some of them heading South for the winter.

Louise says that she has a couple "clubs" coming in this next weekend, but I don't think that they're very big clubs.

Mike and Terri came over yesterday evening and everyone ordered sandwiches from Monical's Pizza. Jim and Linda both had the Italian Beef, Mike had the meatball sub and I think Terri had the turkey sub. Anyway, they all said that their sandwiches were very good and really seemed to enjoy them. :-)

After eating, talking awhile and h and h, (hugs and handshakes), Mike and Terri left and headed to their RV. They'll be leaving here this morning to start heading to Virginia, where they used to live. It's sure been good to have them here and I know that Jim and Linda have really enjoyed visiting and sharing some meals with them.

Safe Travels, Mike and Terri!!!! Maybe we'll see you down in Florida this winter!!! :-)

Jim and Linda won't see them again this morning because Linda needs to go and have those test for her cataract surgery. (You know, the EKG and the urinalysis test that I told you about the other day.)  She and Jim decided to go to the Gibson City Hospital to get the test done rather than try to find their way around in the very large Carl Hospital down in Urbana.

Carl is closer and it's where Linda will have her cataract surgery, but Gibson City is smaller and Linda has had test done there before and knows where to go once they get there.  

Did you know that until the 1960s, men with long hair were not allowed to enter Disneyland?


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