Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Little Break and Big RED Goes To The Big City

Rantoul, IL.

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Yeah, I know, I haven't posted for awhile, but there hasn't been much to post about. Besides that, my little paws get tired, trying to find the right keys to press, so I needed a little break! ;-)

We've had a lot of wind here lately, so Jim didn't go out much. Linda wasn't feeling real well Sunday and Monday, so she didn't feel like doing too much. Monday Jim took Big RED to the gas station and bought him a drink of that good old #2 diesel fuel and then headed down to the Farm & Fleet store on this side of Urbana.

Jim didn't have anything special that he wanted to buy, but it's a neat store and he just wanted to go. Well, he did end up buy a few things. One of the main things he found was a Coleman Deck Chair, that was in the seasonal close-out section at quite a reduced price! :-) He has one of these chairs and really likes it, but it's getting pretty old, so he's been looking for a new one.

Big RED said that Jim spent close to an hour, just wandering around in the store.

Later Monday evening, Jim cooked a ham steak out on the grill and Linda cooked some of the last of the sweetcorn-on-the-cob inside.

Yesterday, Big RED took Jim and Linda up to Naperville, IL to see Linda's sister, Nancy. Big RED said that it was a long drive up there, (about 135 miles), with lots of traffic the closer he got to the Chicago metro area,

 but Nancy and Linda and had a great time visiting and catching up on the past year's happenings. :-)

About noon, Nancy took Linda and Jim out to lunch at a family restaurant and then they returned to Nancy's apartment and talked some more. About 3:00, Big RED started the trip back down here and was surprised at how much more traffic there was on the way back. (Probably people getting off work by that time.)  They also had 2 construction areas, so that added to the traffic problem.

But, by 6:00 Big RED was pulling into his parking spot here at Prairie Pines where he rested after his trip to the big city.

Linda said that it was really good to see Nancy again. A lot has happened in the last year, and it was good to finally catch up. ;-)

Jim and Linda still haven't done the laundry. They'll have to go pretty soon, or they won't have anything to wear!!!! :-O

Did you know that The population of the Chicago CSA (Combined Statistical Area) is over 9.9 million people?


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