Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good News, Next Appointments and What Does This Mean?

Rantoul, IL.

51 deg. clear, no wind.
Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs around 72°F. Northeast wind to 7 MPH.

It was about 10:45 when Big RED pulled out of the campground and took Linda and Jim down to the South side of Champaign for Linda's follow-up appointment after the cataract surgery on her right eye. The appointment to see Dr. Anderson was at 11:30 and Big RED said that they made there with time to spare.

The follow-up went fine and after some vision tests and her looking into Linda's eyes, Dr. Anderson said that both eyes were doing well and that she wanted to see Linda once more in about 2 weeks. ;-)

Good News!!!!!

OK, now let's see what this means.

Linda's appointment with Dr. Gandhi, (the retinaologist), is on the the 30th of September, so that means that for the next 12 days, there are no doctor appointments at all!!!!

Then, 2 days later, on the 2nd of October, Linda has the appointment with Dr. Anderson.

If everything goes well at that appointment, we'll be "good to go" as early as the 3rd of September!!!!

That means that we'll be able to leave here about a week earlier than originally planned, which will mean that we won't have to hurry or cut short our visits with Mike or Joe and their families. It also means that we'll be able to take our time heading down the coast on our way to FL and if Roland and Louise are still at their house in North Carolina, we can stop by there for a few days to visit!!!

And, you know what else it means??? Linda will not have a Doctor's appointment for as many as 45 days!!!!!  That has not happened for more than a year!!!!

So, ,  , , , , ,  , , in the next few days I expect Jim to be getting out that big eraser again and making a new plan for our trip. (I think this will be "Plan D")   ;-)  As soon as he gets it penciled in on the calendar, I'll fill you in on our "tentative" schedule.

Did you know that today is Jim's Birthday?

Happy Birthday, Jim!!!!!!



  1. Happy birthday Jim! A very happy 'no doctor appointments' to Linda too :)

  2. Happy Birthday Jim!

    From Gail & Rick, the Gypsy Turtles :)

  3. Happy Birthday Jim!!! Sorry we're not there to celebrate with you!