Thursday, April 24, 2014

We're Camping!!!!!

DeBary, FL.
Highbanks Marina and Camp Resort

66 deg. clear, no wind.
Forecast = Sunny skies this morning. Scattered showers and thunderstorms developing during the afternoon. High 86F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Tuesday morning, Jim and Linda started gathering more things to take over to the trailer at Highbanks. I figured that they were serious about staying for awhile in the trailer when Linda gathered up all her medicine, Jim took the pillows off of the bed, they packed up changes of clothes and they started packing up food, like bread and lunch meat that they need every day.

By early afternoon, they were locking up the house and we were all packed up and on our way. ;-)

Once they had everything put away, Jim opened the awning, got out the lawn chairs and grabbed his camera.

From the vacant site next to us.

He took this photo from the rear. I don't know if you can tell or not, but the slide-out room is quite deep on this RV. it extends about 32". The slides on Bobbie T were only 18" deep and on Emrys 24"

We must be staying awhile, Jim put out his flags. :-)

While he had the camera out, he snapped this photo of Big RED too.

Yesterday, was spent just relaxing and re-organizing some of the "stuff" that they brought to the trailer. Laura stopped by for awhile in the morning to visit. Jim took a nap in the afternoon and then cooked burgers on the grill while Linda put salads together inside.

Today, Linda has an appointment at 1:00 to see to see the chemo doctor, (Dr. Saferali ). At that time she'll find out when she'll start treatments again. :-(  After the doctor's visit, they want to stop by the house to pick up the mail and a few items, and then stop by the store to buy milk and a few other things.

I don't know how long we'll be staying here at Highbanks. The site rent is paid until the 14th of May, so the trailer can stay here until then, but we won't be staying out here in it the whole time.

Oh Wow!!!! I just looked outside and it's getting very foggy here by the river. I wonder of it's foggy all over this area?

Haven't heard anything on TV about fog.

Did you know that the "Hamburger hall of fame" is located in Seymour, Wisconsin?



  1. Oh! I'm so happy to see you are camping again! What a beautiful trailer, and site too!

  2. It just feels different to be camping again.