Friday, January 24, 2014

Last Chemo Treatment Of This Series

DeBary, FL.

44 deg. clear, N. wind @ 12 mph.
Forecast = Cloudy skies this morning will become partly cloudy this afternoon. High 53F. Winds N at 10 to 20 mph.

It's been pretty quiet around here lately. Yesterday, Linda had her 3rd and last chemo treatment of this series.  Today, she'll have to go back and get that injection that helps her bones manufacture more blood cells to help her immune system. Of course that same injection also makes her bones and joints ache for at least 3 days. :-(

Jim has either a cold or his allergies are really bad, so he didn't go into the chemo place with Linda yesterday. If he does have a cold, he didn't want to expose it to all those people in there that are getting treatments and possibly have a compromised resistance to infections.

Linda met with the chemo doctor and she told her that she will be talking to the radiation doctor and they would decide when it would be the best time for her to start the radiation part of the cancer treatment process. She said that she thought it would probably be in about 3 weeks. Once that starts, Linda will have to go in for radiation treatments every day, (5 days a week), for 8 weeks. Then, after a short recovery period from the radiation she will have another series of 3 chemo treatments, again spaced at 21 day intervals.

As close as Jim and Linda can figure, it will be sometime around the end of July or the first part of August before Linda is done with the whole procedure.

It's been fairly cold down here in Florida lately, (by Florida standards). Everyone in the community have been covering up sensitive plants every night so they wouldn't freeze. Even though the temperature hasn't been down much below freezing, there has still been a lot of frost in the mornings, and that would surely damage them.

Don't know what's happening today. Linda mentioned last night that she'd like to do something today because for the next 3 days or so, she'll be very uncomfortable from that injection that she'll be getting this afternoon. Maybe they'll try to get in a little shopping and then go out to eat or something.

Did you know that today is "National Peanut Butter Day"?

Sounds good to me, but it sticks to the roof of my mouth. ;-)



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  1. Hope the treatment goes well. August sounds like a good time to get out of Florida for a while. Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.