Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Long Time Since Last Post and Today Should Be A Very Good Day

Rantoul, IL.

63 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = A mix of clouds and sun. High 83F. Winds light and variable.

Wow!!!! Can't believe how long it's been since I last posted!!!! Sorry about that!!

There really hasn't been a whole lot to post about. Between the rain. that except for the last few days, that has been keeping everything quite wet, and the mosquitoes, that won't leave you alone when you're outside, both Jim and Linda haven't been out and about much.

We have had some more heavy rain, and it seems like the water leak we had seems to be stopped as a result of Jim's calking efforts. I sure hope so because I don't like getting my feet wet, not to mention any damage to the trailer that a leak can cause.

Linda went back to the eye doctor again yesterday and had another injection, this time in the other eye. Everything went well and now she has another appointment for the 11th of next month. :-(

I'm really looking forward to today!!!

Why?? You ask???

Well, today, Mike, Jim's son who lives in Apex, North Carolina, is flying into Midway airport in Chicago and is coming here for a visit this afternoon!!!! He'll be driving down here and should get here sometime after lunch. That, and the fact that today is Linda's birthday, should make today a very good day!!! :-)

The plan is that Linda, Jim and Mike will visit for awhile this afternoon and then go out to eat someplace before Mike has to leave this evening to head back up to near Chicago to spend some time with his mother and visit with friends.

Did you know that more people celebrate their birthdays in August than in any other month? The two other months in which birthday rates are high is July and September.

Happy Birthday, Linda!!!!



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Linda!!!

    from Mike and Terri

  2. Happy Birthday, Linda. Glad your eye injections are behind you. Hello to you, too, Jim!

    Selene & Hank

  3. Happy birthday Linda!!! Glad things are going well up in Illinois!