Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where Are They?????

DeBary, FL

43 deg. clear, W. wind @ 3 mph.
Forecast = Sunshine to start, then a few afternoon clouds. High 62F. Winds N at 10 to 20 mph.

Yesterday morning, Jim and Linda took Big RED and headed over to the hospital for Linda's radiation treatment. In about an hour they were back here getting a bite to eat. I knew something was in the works because they were doing a lot of talking and planning. I didn't think too much more about it because nothing seemed to come of their conversation as they were just sitting around, watching TV and reading. 

Then, all of a sudden, (About 3:00), they talked some more, got up from their chairs, went out and got into Big RED and drove away!! Now, I didn't think too much about it, but 5:00 came around, then 6:00, and then 7:00, and they still weren't back!!!! 

Now, I'm starting to get worried and am beginning to think something is wrong!!! 

Did they get into an accident or something????

Did they have trouble with Big RED????

Did one of them get sick????

Are they in the Hospital, injured or sick???????????????

Well,  ,  ,  ,  ,  about 7:15 I heard Big RED backing into the driveway and shortly afterwords, they came in the back door. They seemed OK. Big RED sounded normal when he backed in, neither one of them had any bandages or anything to lead me to believe that they had an accident, but they were carrying an envelope that had the words, "LaMesa RV" on it!!!!!!! 

Well, I knew it was coming, but I really didn't think it would come this soon. But, they got a good price, made what they think is a good deal and Traded off Bobbie T for a brand new Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer!!!!!! 

2014 Heartland NORTH TRAIL

Yep!!!! You read that right!!!! A new travel trailer!!!! It's a North Trail NT 26 LRSS, it has one large slide that holds the couch and dinette, it has a rear living area and a front bedroom with the kitchen and bath in the center.
I don't know when they'll be picking it up, probably not until the first part of next week.

Being that it was so late when they finished at the dealer's, they swung by the Steak N Shake and picked up a couple burgers to bring back here to the house. After they finished eating their sandwiches, they watched TV until bedtime.

Today, Linda will be going to another radiation treatment and she and Jim will need to stop by Walgreen's to pick up a couple prescriptions and a few other items, but I don't know of much else happening.

Did you know that today is Manatee Appreciation Day?



  1. Now that looks very nice and quite comfortable. Big RED should be able to handle that nicely too.

  2. What a perfect trailer for you two! Hope to see you guys again before we leave the area.

  3. Congratulations! I think you will probably be very comfy in the new trailer.

  4. Congratulations!!! Looks like a nice rig and it should be a good setup for you.

  5. beautiful, better see it parked "you now where" real soon!