Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Linda's New Wheels

DeBary, FL.

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Friday, after Linda's radiation therapy treatment, Jim and Linda stopped by a place called Aging Tree in Orange City. Jim had done some inquiring and had found out that they have all kinds of walkers, wheel chairs and motorized scooters for people who need them to get around. Linda didn't go in, but when Jim came back out, he was pushing a walker that he had purchased for her.

Since Linda's favorite color is blue, he said it was a "no brainer" to select this one. ;-)

You see, with Linda having those dizzy spells, Jim was real worried that she might lose her balance and fall. (And that wouldn't be good at all!!)

It's really nice, it has a neat paint job,

a nice seat to sit on if she gets dizzy or tired,

storage under the seat,       "Ooof"

and dual hand brakes that she can use to slow down if she gets going to fast or, lock on so the walker doesn't move as she's sitting down or getting up.

At first, Linda didn't know if she liked the idea of a walker or not, but since she has used it some, she realizes that it's much safer, plus it does give here somewhere to sit, no matter where she is, if she gets one of those dizzy spells. :-)

Yesterday, Linda had another radiation treatment. Everything went well and after the treatmJent, Big RED took her and Jim over to Bob Evans for a mid-day, 2-day-late, anniversary  dinner. They originally had planned to go to the Perkins Restaurant right down the street, but being that it was right at noon, the place was packed. :-(

Anyway, they had a nice anniversary dinner. ;-)

After they left Bob Evans, they swung by Walgreen's and picked up Linda's prescriptions, (that Jim had dropped off on Friday), before coming back here to the house. Then, around 4:00 or so, Laura stopped by for awhile, just to see how Linda was doing and to chat for awhile.

Oh!! Just one more thing. I'd like to welcome my newest follower and very good friend, Louise Combs, to this blog. She and Paul are the managers of the Prairie Pines Campground that we stay at when we're up in Rantoul Illinois during the summers. If you get up that way this summer, tell Louise that Blaine says "Hi"!!

Did you know that the walker most patients use today as a mobility device was patented in the 1940s by Andrejs Muiza, a Russian immigrant?


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