Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's In The Carport

DeBary, FL.

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Guess what's sitting in the carport???

Yep!!!! A big, bright, Red, Dodge pick-up!!!!

Jim and Linda couldn't do much Sunday about getting things rolling as far as the new truck was concerned, so they just watched all that football stuff on TV. As you probably know by now, the Football game was a "bust" so they didn't even watch the last part of it.

Monday morning, Linda called their Financial Adviser and put into motion the process of getting some money transferred to the bank. After that, Jim called their insurance agent, told her about the new truck and got the insurance ready to transfer to it.

Then, while Jim was out getting all of the "stuff" out of CLT, Linda spent rest of the day doing a little embroidery work and taking cat naps. :-) That is until about 5:00 when Laura stopped by, picked up Linda and took her to see that new Hobbit movie at a theater over in Altamont Springs. They both enjoyed the movie and by about 10:00 or so, Laura was dropping her back off. ;-)  By the time Linda came back into the house, she was really beat and just collapsed in her recliner for the rest of the evening.

Yesterday morning, Linda called the bank to make sure that the money had been transferred. It was, so Jim called Jay, over at Gibson Truck World and told him that he and Linda would be there right after lunch to purchase the truck.

So, about 12:30, they took CLT, stopped at the bank to pick up a cashiers check  and headed over there.

It was kind of sad to see CLT pull out of the driveway, knowing that it would be the last time I'd see that little green truck. :-(   He's been a really good little truck throughout the years and has served Jim and Linda faithfully since 2005, with hardly any problems at all.

I'll miss you, CLT!!! :-(

Once over to the dealer, the whole process of trading began. Jim says that he can't understand why it takes so long, but it took about 3 hours to get all the T's crossed the the I's dotted. Basically, the whole process went pretty smoothly and by about 4:00, I heard the new truck backing into the carport. (or should I be calling it a truckport)? :-)

I haven't been out there yet, but from what I could see by looking out of the window, it sure looks nice. (Did I mention that it's Red)????  I didn't realize how much bigger it would be than CLT. It sure takes up more room out there than he did!!

Today, Jim wants to go and get a couple spare keys made for the new truck and he'll need to get some of that "stuff" he took out of CLT, put into it. He and Linda also need to do some laundry, so it's looking like it'll be a fairly busy day.

Oh!! The other day, Dave, (one of the Illinois bunch), called. Many of you long-time followers will remember that every year, about this time, he and Dee Dee have a fish fry over at the park in Thonotosassa, (near Tampa). Well, he called to invite Jim and Linda over there for the fish fry this next Sunday. He follows this blog and knows that Linda doesn't have much energy, but he's hoping that they might be able to make it over there again this year.

Linda did pretty well at the dealer yesterday, so she and Jim are hoping that by the weekend, she'll be feeling well enough to go. It would be a nice drive over there to see good friends and also be a good excuse to take the new truck for a nice long drive to see how it performs. (It's about 100 miles over there).

Who knows, maybe I could even ride along!! ;-)

Did you know that Red Buttons (Aaron Chwatt) was born on this date in 1919?


Did I mention that the new truck is Red????

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  1. I can just imagine how the new truck looks in the driveway! CLT served you well all those years, and we hope he goes to a good home :-)