Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Kind Of CG/RV Park Do You Enjoy?

Thompson, MI.

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Did you ever wonder why people pick the campgrounds that they do, or even the sites they choose for that matter? Since our move the other day to this site, I've been thinking about that.

Some folks choose campgrounds or sites that are in the desert, with no trees, bushes, (except cactus and very small plants). Some like the mountains out west with their rugged peaks and valleys and others, the tree covered mountains of the East. Some like it way back in the forests, others prefer finding a site near a river, lake, or the ocean. Some like manicured, high end parks with all the amenities and some folks look for busy parks or campgrounds where there is always something going on.

I can't help wondering what makes people pick the type of CG or RV Park that they do.

Jim and Linda's favorite parks seem to be ones with a view of a stream, lake or the ocean. Next in line are parks that are in wooded areas and are away from crowded, busy areas. They also enjoy parks that are fairly quiet most of the time in a rural setting.

But, one of the most important things that Jim and Linda look for in a park, (especially if we're going to stay awhile), is that it has trees that will shade the site, especially during the afternoon and evening.

Now, that said, we've enjoyed boondocking in the Arizona desert, had a great time in some parks where the RVs were almost parked on top of one another.

Owners/management/camp hosts also make a big difference of where Jim and Linda prefer staying. If they're pleasant and friendly we've been known to stay at a park for a few days or even weeks longer than planned, even if the park doesn't really have all the facilities/characteristic things that they normally look for.

We'll stay in a CG that is "rustic", but have driven out of a few that look "junky". And of course, sometimes we've stayed at a park that we normally wouldn't stay at because it's close to an attraction or someone Jim and Linda want to visit.

So, what kind of CG/Park do you look for? Is it a high end "Resort", or some little CG next to a stream way back off the beaten path? Do you like the mountains, the desert or the ocean? Do you like to be doing something all the time, or just kicking back and relaxing?

I guess that's one of the great things about RVing. You can pick and choose the type of CG/site you enjoy the most, and it really doesn't make any difference what someone else likes.

And, if you find out that you don't care for the site/CG that you're at, you can always move!!!! ; -)

Did you know that today is "National Milk Chocolate Day"?



  1. We've gotten spoiled with FHU and a clear sky for the satellite dish. Good cell phone reception is nice too. If we are staying only a couple of nights though, it doesn't matter much. I do like the shade of trees in the afternoon too.

  2. Hi Jim & Linda,

    Our first priority is big rig access (40 motor home), then good hookups (stable electric), location for good cell coverage if we need our MIFI (reliable campgound wifi is hard to come by), fairly quiet surroundings. We don't use most amenities like pools, playgrounds, game rooms, etc.

    Selene, NC