Friday, July 19, 2013

More On The Storm, The Aftermath

St. Ignace, MI. 11:00 AM EDT

73 deg. partly cloudy, S. wind @ 10 mph.
Forecast = Overcast with thunderstorms and rain showers. High of 81F. Breezy. Winds from the West at 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70%

Wow!!! What a storm!!!! It came out of nowhere and without any warnings. At first it started raining and then all of a sudden, the wind picked up and before anyone could get out of their RVs and to any kind of building, the storm hit!!!!

Below, is a photo, (taken last night), of the tree that fell right in front of Bobbie T. As you can see some of the branches are laying on top of her hood. Shortly after this photo was taken, Jim unhooked the utilities and backed her up about 5 feet,

as shown in this photo, which was taken this morning after daylight.

This photo shows what is left of the tree. Not much!!!

We were very lucky and Bobbie T came out without a scratch!!!

This RV, (just 2 sites to our left), was also very lucky.

However, the 2 RVs in the next 3 photos were not. This travel trailer has extensive damage to the roof and to the other side, including the slide-out.

This 5th wheel had a huge tree laying on the the rear of it, and it fact, before they removed the tree, the front jacks were about 2 feet off of the ground from the weight of the tree. If you look closely, (click on photo to enlarge), you can see a buckle in the sidewall, just in front of the slideout. The rear half of this trailer is bent down about 4 to 6 inches.

This a rear shot of the 2 trailers above. You can see the remnants of the trunk and root system of the tree that landed on them.

But, probably the most important thing that happened was that no one in the park got hurt, including the 6 adults and 8 or 10 little kids, (some of them very small), that were camping in these 2 pop-up trailers and the travel trailer.

The kids were scared to death, but everyone is OK.

There were other RVs in the park that received  some minor damage, such as broken vent covers and AC covers. And a few had some minor dents and bruises, but all in all, all of the RVs did a fine job of protecting their occupants, and, like I said, not one single person was hurt.

That's really all that matters.



  1. Wow! That's scary! Glad no one is hurt. Hope the repairs go smoothly for the other folks.

  2. Wow! That is pretty scary! Glad that you guys are both OK and no damage to Bobbie T.

  3. That was quite a storm!!! We're so glad all of you are okay and Bobbie T didn't receive any damage. Those lake storms can be scary! Hope that the others with damage can have a quick recovery.