Wednesday, January 13, 2016

3 Firsts

DeBary, FL.

43 deg. mostly cloudy, no wind.

Forecast = Mostly cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy this afternoon. High 64F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.

The weather change came through as expected and it truly was shock to the system, the first cold weather of the season. Anytime you get a 25 degree drop in the temperatures after having record high temps for quite awhile, you feel it all the way through to your bones.  Actually, the weather now is more like what it's really supposed to be like in January down here.

Monday morning, Jim and Linda took Lila and headed over to get Jim's radiation treatment and then headed up to DeLand for Jim's first chemo treatment. Everything went well and it was pretty much as expected. They first met with Dr. Saferali's PA and then Jim was taken into the chemo room. The worst thing about the treatment is that it takes a long time to administer all the different medications through the IV. Some of the meds are preventative to help counteract reactions of the treatment and of course the rest are the treatment meds themselves.

Jim got into the treatment room at about 10:30 and it was right at 3:00 when he and Linda returned to the car.

Jim was feeling fine, so on the way back here so they stopped and bought Lila a well deserved drink of 87 octane. This was the first time she had been filled since she was purchased and both Jim and Linda were well pleased with the 26.7 MPG that she attained, especially since all the miles were driven in town, :-)

For dinner, Jim and Linda again took Lila and headed over to Gram's Kitchen in Orange City. Jim had a fish sandwich and Linda an open faced beef sandwich. Both were very good. :-)

Yesterday, after Jim's radiation treatment the day was spend just kicking back after the busy day on Monday.

So, here's the schedule as of right now. Every Monday through Friday Jim will go to get his radiation treatment at 8;45 in the morning. Every Monday, after his radiation treatment, he will head up to DeLand and receive a chemo treatment that will last until late afternoon. This will go on for about 7 weeks and then, after the last radiation treatment, there will be 2 additional chemo treatments at 21 day intervals.

The treatments should be over by mid- April, but then there will be a recovery period and I'm sure another Pet Scan.

Side effects from chemo are accumulative, so by the end of the treatments, it's hard telling what kind of, or the severity of the side effects will be. As of now, no travel plans are being made for this summer. If we do get to travel, it may only be a short trip up to Illinois, but we'll have to see if that will even be possible.

Did you know that on this date in 1979 - The Y.M.C.A. filed a lawsuit against the Village People over their song, "Y.M.C.A."? The suit was later dropped.


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  1. Hugs and prayers to you, Jim. Let Linda take care of you.