Sunday, August 23, 2015

Getting Ready To Travel and A Response To A Comment

Rantoul, IL

63 deg. partly cloudy, no wind.

Forecast = Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High near 80F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

We're almost ready to leave here tomorrow morning. Jim and Linda have been working on getting everything put in it's proper place for travel and checking everything out. The weather guessers are forecasting rain off and on for today, so yesterday, Jim dumped the tanks, re-organized the basement compartment, re-organized the back of Big RED and stored all unnecessary hoses and outdoor items.

Inside, Linda worked on getting all cabinets, drawers and closets organized for travel and put away all the things that she and Jim have gotten out during our 2 month +  stay here.

The plan is to leave here around 9:30 tomorrow morning, head up to Ashkum, IL to get that tire on Nora replaced and then head up to Utica, IL were there's an RV Park that we'll stay at for the night. Then on Tuesday, we'll head up into Wisconsin and probably stay at a park in the Wisconsin Dells area for a couple nights before heading further North for the reunion on Thursday.

Oh, while I happen to think of it, I received a comment the other day from Dione. She was wanting information on the CG where Nora was parked this last winter. She and her husband  stay in that area at times during the winter and said that she was having problems finding any info on the CG and wasn't sure just where it was. So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  I did some research and even though the CG doesn't have a web site of it's own, I did find this Link to a web site that tells about the Paradise Lakes Travel Trailer Park. It also includes their phone number, directions, a map and the address, so hopefully it'll help.

Paradise lakes is an old park. Many of the RVs are permanent but we found the folks staying in the park very friendly and the prices were about the best in the area for a monthly rate. The roads are sand and not real smooth but this keeps the speed down. The electric was good as were the water and sewer. There's no pool and they don't have a lot of amenities, but they do have holiday meals and potlucks in the pavilion.  It is a gated park and you have to have a code to get in, so there aren't strangers just driving around in the park.

Basically, we like the park and will probably end up there again this winter. Hopefully we'll be able to spend more time "camping" this winter, than we did last winter. Maybe we'll even get to meet Dione and her husband!!  :-)

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  1. Thanks for the info--Paradise Lakes is indeed the place we were thinking of and maybe we will end up there this winter also. Meanwhile, safe travels. Dione