Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thank You, Moving "Stuff" To The Trailer and One More Appointment

DeBary, FL.

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First of all, Linda wants to thank all of you that commented, called or contacted her since I posted about the results of her PET Scan. It really does mean a lot to her to know that so many of you were thinking and/or praying for her.

Thank You!!!!

Friday, the follow-up exam at the surgeon's office at the Halifax Medical Center went off without a hitch. It takes around 45 minutes to get over there, so the drive took longer than the exam did, By noon, Big RED was backing into the carport. :-)

After grabbing a bite to eat, Linda and Jim started gathering things up to take over to the trailer. Then, yesterday morning, they took a lot of food, clothes and supplies over there and stashed them away. Then, on the way back here to the house, they stopped by Walgreen's and picked up their prescriptions that Linda had called in the day before.

There's still quite a bit of "stuff" to take over there and other "stuff" to pack into the back of Big RED and there are plans to take more of it this morning. From what I can gather from Jim and Linda's conversations, it sounds like they're planning on moving out to the RV Park and staying in Nora, for a night or two before we actually leave the area. During those couple days, they can determine if they've forgotten to take anything and will be coming back here to get the house ready for the time we're away.

Monday morning (tomorrow), Linda has that appointment with her retinologist. She's hoping that she doesn't need another injection, but if she does, there'll be time for her to recover before we leave. (Most of the time, she gets a pretty severe aching sensation in her eye after the injection that lasts for a day or two).

So, hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday we'll be able to leave. My paws are really starting to itch, so it's time we get going!!! .-)

Did you know that on this date in 1877 - A catcher's mask was used in a baseball game for the first time by James Alexander Tyng?


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