Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SC To FL and Dinner With Anna

Callahan, FL.

38 deg. partly cloudy, NW wind @ 10 mph.
Forecast = Some clouds this morning will give way to generally sunny skies for the afternoon. High 51F. Winds NNW at 15 to 25 mph.

We left "The Oaks" in Yemassee, SC about 10:05 and headed back to US 17. Right across the highway was a gas station that sold diesel, so Jim pulled Big RED and Nora up to the pumps and filled Big RED's tank. Once that little chore was done, we took 17 for just a little way and then turned South on I-95.

95 took us down to Georgia, where we turned off on US 17 again, just South of Savannah. We took 17 to GA 196 and then took 196 to Macintosh where we turned NW on US 84. Following 84 brought us to Jesup, GA. where we turned South on US 301. 301 brought us down into Florida and to Kelly's Countryside RV Park, which is about 6 miles North of Callahan.
It was 1:50 when we pulled up in front of the office. We had traveled 180 miles, stopped for diesel and then stopped to pick up a few groceries at the Winn Dixie Grocery Store in Hilliard FL. (about 4 miles North of the Park), in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

 Not too shabby! ;-)
There was no one in the office when we arrived, but a very nice young lady, who I found out was the owner's grand daughter, told Jim about some pull-through sites that were available towards the rear of the park. She said that we could pay for the site later. :-)

Following her instructions, we headed down the road.

Soon Jim had Big RED and Nora parked in a nice level site.

The sites back here aren't very wide, but they're plenty long for even the longest trailer.

Kelly's is a family owned and operated RV Park and they're supper nice people. We've been coming here for years and always feel welcome every time we come. The park is very well maintained and I can't ever remember being here when the grass needed mowing or the bushes needed trimming.

Once Nora was set up and Jim and Linda had relaxed a little, Linda called their grand daughter, Anna, who lives in Jacksonville to ask her if she'd like to come to Callahan and go out to eat? She said that she would and arrangements were made to meet her at the Cedar River Seafood Restaurant.

Jim and Linda met Anna at the restaurant at about 5:30 and it sounds like everyone had a good time visiting and eating some delicious seafood and chicken. (Anna doesn't like seafood).

Both Linda and Jim said that it was really good to see Anna again and they're looking forward to seeing her again Thanksgiving Day in DeBary. :-)

Yesterday morning, Jim dumped Nora's tanks and then took Big RED up to Hilliard and bought him another drink of good old #2 diesel fuel. Then, in the afternoon, we had some serious storms go through the area. There were reports of tornadoes SW of here and there was quite a bit of damage in Jacksonville, which is about 15 or 20 miles South of here. We had some wind and lots of heavy rain, but no damage in this area that I know of.

Yesterday, the temperatures were in the upper 70's but today, they're saying that it'll only be getting up to about 50.  That's OK though because today we'll be heading down to DeBary where it'll be a little warmer with forecasts in the mid to upper 50's.

I've got real mixed feelings about getting back to DeBary. I've kind of missed the house and all the room I have to roam around. I've missed Laura and Lindsey and it'll be kind of nice not having to get ready to move almost every day. But, I'll really miss being out on the road, seeing new sites, experiencing new places and meeting new people. And I never get bored when we're traveling, because there's always something happening.

Oh well, maybe a little R and R will do me good. And then, there is that cute little white dog with the pink collar that comes past the house just about every day. ;-)  

Did you know that on this date in 1956 - Fats Domino appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and performed his hit "Blueberry Hill?"


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