Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One Down And One To Go, Weather and Hitch Itch Has Set In

Rantoul, IL.

deg. clear, E wind @ 6 mph.
Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs around 79°F. East southeast wind to 9 MPH.

Yesterday morning, Linda had to be down in Champaign at 8:50 to see Dr. Gandhi for another eye treatment where he injects medicine into the eye. Needless to say, she wasn't looking forward to the appointment, but if it will save the vision that she still has in that eye, I guess it's worth it.

Everything went well and Dr. Gandhi said that the eye looked better than it had on the 26th of September. :-) He also found the names of 3 Retina Specialist down in Florida, (fairly close to DeBary), that should be able to handle any further treatments that Linda may need. His recommendations were that when Linda gets down to Florida, she should contact one of the specialist and make an appointment. Dr. Gandhi also gave Linda copies  all the results from the eye scans and test that he preformed to give to the Dr. that she chose.

Dr. Gandhi also recommended that when Linda goes to her appointment with Dr. Anderson on Thursday, to get a summery of the cataract surgeries and other treatments that Dr. Anderson preformed and give that to the specialist in Florida also.

So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  one more appointment to go!!! The appointment with Dr. Anderson is at 1:00 tomorrow, and then Linda will be finished with Dr. appointments until sometime in late November or early December!!!! ;-)

Once Linda is finished with that last appointment, she and Jim can concentrate on getting everything packed up and ready to head out on the 6th.

The "Hitch Itch" around here is getting BAD!!!!

One of the big news items around here is the weather. Ever since around the 20th of September, it's been really nice here in central Illinois.  The highs have been in the upper 70's to low 80's and there has not been any rain. Well, that's about to change. The forecast is pretty good for today, but they're forecasting a cold front coming through on Thursday. With that front, will come rain and much colder temperatures. In fact the forecasted high  for Saturday is only 57 degrees with the low overnight of only 41 degrees!!!!!

Brrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! I think it's time to head SOUTH!!!!!

Did you know that in Rantoul, there is a 50% chance that there will be frost by the 12th of October?


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