Monday, December 16, 2013

Dealing With Some Side Effects

DeBary, FL.

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Friday afternoon, Laura swung by and picked up Linda and took her over to the chemo place where the nurses took a blood test and gave Linda that injection that will help Linda's immune system fight off infections and other nasty things.

Because it's almost certain that Linda will loose her hair from the chemo treatments, from there they headed up to DeLand to check out a few places that they had been told, sold hats and head coverings of different styles. The trip was unsuccessful though, as one place was closed and the other was out of stock! :-(

Saturday, Linda started getting the joint/bone pain that she had been told about. It has been quite severe at times and has made it very difficult for her to do some of the things she wants to do. Over the counter medications have helped some but not as much as hoped. They didn't tell her and she never thought to ask how long this joint/bone pain is supposed to last, but if it continues, she may have to call the doctor and see if she'll prescribe something a little stronger.

She also has had some nausea, but the medications prescribed for that, seems to be keeping it in check.

Linda says that she feels that if these treatments are making her feel so crummy, the treatments must be doing their job in fighting any cancer cells that still may be inside her.

I don't think that there's much planned for today. Linda has almost all of the Christmas presents ready to be boxed up and sent out. I think Jim is planning going to the post office this morning and getting some of those priority boxes and then hopefully, tomorrow, he can get them back to the post office and get them in the mail.

A Point to Ponder : Life is just a bowl of cherries, you just need to remove the pits.



  1. Prayers are with you as you settle into what this treatment will cause you to endure...

  2. I'm hoping the side effects will subside over time. I know my Dad's are worse after about the 3rd day after chemo, then get better until chemo again. Keeping Linda in our prayers!