Thursday, November 7, 2013

Been Busy, Lots of Company and Joe Heads Home

DeBary, FL.

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It's been real busy around here the last few days. Of course, Joe has been here and Laura and Lindsey have stopped by from time to time. Ashley has also stopped by and Anna even took a day off from work and made the trip down here from Jacksonville the other day to see Grandma and Joe. :-)

And, the day that Anna was here, Ashley brought over and introduced her new boyfriend, "Chris". Then, because Anna, Ashley, Chris and Joe were all here, Laura and Lindsey bought some fried chicken and other "fixen's",  from the grocery store for dinner.

I hope Chris wasn't too overwhelmed by everyone, (this was the first time he had met any of Ashley's family), because there was a lot of joking and telling of stories between the family and poor Chris kind of got caught in the middle of all of the banter. :-O

He seemed to be OK with all of it though. ;-)

Oh, I wanted to show you the neat bouquet of flowers that Glenn, (Linda's brother who lives up in Wisconsin), and Jeanette sent right after Linda got home from the hospital. They were really pretty and Linda really appreciated them.

Yesterday afternoon, Joe had to head back to Virginia Beach. But. in the morning, Jim snapped this photo of him sitting at the table out in the Florida Room and doing some work on his computers. He was able to get some work done while he was here, but said that he was getting pretty far behind.

About 2:00, after many hugs and a few tears, he went back to the airport to catch his plane back home. :-(

It was sure great that he was able to come. Jim says that he thinks that Joe being here was better medicine for Linda than any doctor could have prescribed.

Linda seems to be doing much better. She's been getting around better and she says that the soreness is definitely  going away. In fact, last night, she was saying that one of these days real soon, she'd like to go out to eat, maybe someplace like Gram's Kitchen. :-)

She still gets tired real easily, so she'll have to carefully pick the time when she wants to go.

Oh, Linda's doctor appointment has been changed from the 13th to the 15th of November. There was some kind of scheduling problem.

Jim still hasn't taken any photos of the re-arranged living room. The place has been kind of a mess with everyone here, but it's pretty well straightened up now and I'm hoping he'll take some today or tomorrow.  

Did you know that today is "National Men Make Dinner Day"?


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  1. So glad that Linda is feeling better! She'll be up and around in no time. At our workamping job here in Altoona, we're only about 40 miles from you guys. After Linda gets to feeling better, we want to come and see you! Maybe we can all go out and get a bite to eat. E-mail me when you're ready and we'll figure something out :-)